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Are you ready to embark on a journey?

Do you like to travel?

The worldwide pandemic of this year has greatly impacted our mobility in both our amount of travel as well as our ability to be close to others. But just because we may not be physically moving from place to place as much does not mean we cannot go on a journey. In fact, our decrease in travel may provide us even more opportunity to embark on an internal journey.

Saint Augustine said, “Do not go outward; return within yourself. In the inward person dwells truth.”

In our last article, we broke down the 12 stages of the Hero’s Journey from Christopher Vogler and Joseph Campbell. We said that in every story there is a hero who goes on a journey. The hero encounters challenges and experiences which provide an opportunity for physical, mental, or spiritual change. Now, we will look at the fundamentals we need as we move through the stages of our journey.

Fundamentals are Necessary

We need fundamentals we can employ on our journey to help ensure we experience transformation and we use our experience to make an IMPACT on others.

Our impact, whether great or small, comes from executing certain FUNDAMENTALS.

These fundamentals work in pairs through an INSIDE-OUT format.

Inside fundamentals help us employ MINDSETS of impact.

Outside fundamentals guide us to take ACTIONS that create a positive impact.

The 12 Fundamentals of Impact

The 12 Fundamentals of Impact are…

Have a Vision: It is important to know what we want to do and where we want to go in life, but it is essential to understand the person we want to become.

Pursue Our Dreams: We need to use faith and courage to take daily action as we move toward doing what sets our soul on fire.

Seek Excellence: We must repeatedly search for ways to give our best and become our best as we strive toward reaching our full potential in every role in our lives.

Grow Character Skills: Character skills are the building blocks of a life of excellence and they can be improved and strengthened with awareness and practice.

Rise Above: We can use the storms of our lives to push ourselves higher and gain a new perspective which leads to greater knowledge and wisdom.

Overcome Obstacles: The obstacles we encounter in life can create fear and cause us to stop, or we can use them as stepping stones to become the person we were designed to be.

Be a Lighthouse: A lighthouse shines so others can create a path on their own and find their way during their journey using the lighthouse for direction, guidance, and hope.

Lead by Serving: The most significant leaders put the needs of others before their own and endeavor to make sacrifices to help improve the lives of others.

Know Our Integrity: We must search the depths of our heart to find the principles and values we believe in and continuously reflect on them so they become part of who we are.

Live by Principles: The right thing to do is often the hardest thing to do but we must choose actions which are consistent with the integrity of our heart.

Seek Peace and Fulfillment: Peace comes when we find the gifts and abilities to fulfill our purpose and we experience fulfillment when we give those gifts away through our relationships.

Enjoy the Journey: While we are searching for our ultimate meaning we must relish every moment, so we do not allow the drive for results to rob us of the human experience.

The 1% Journals

Would you like some guidance to focus on these fundamentals throughout your journey?

I’m happy to announce we have greatly improved and expanded on our original version of The 1% Journal we first published several years ago. We have improved many of the challenges and changed their order to mirror the typical movement of the Hero’s Journey. The paperback and PDF versions are now in 8.5” x 11” format and we have added additional space with lines for you to journal your responses to the challenges.

In addition, we have developed 5 different versions of the journal for leaders, teachers, students, coaches, and athletes. Each version addresses more specific situations for each role and focuses on the people each role will serve with their gifts.

Each challenge in the journals aims to help us develop one of the fundamentals we need for our JOURNEY.

Your Journey Awaits…

As with all journeys, our path is littered with obstacles. Unfortunately, the paperback versions of the journals are still in the review process before going live on Amazon. They should be available in the next few days. However, the e-book and printable PDF versions are available now!

The links below will guide you to the appropriate place to make a purchase. Remember…

Every story has a HERO.

Every hero goes on a JOURNEY.

Every journey gives the hero an opportunity to make an IMPACT on the world.

Ultimately, the journey always provides the hero opportunities to CREATE A BETTER VERSION OF THEMSELVES so they can give their gifts and abilities away to others and MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the world.


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