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Taking Chance Movie Lesson Plan


  • This resource is a downloadable PDF
  • Ideal for Grades 8-12
  • Perfect for Veterans Day activities, US History, Life Skills, Character Education, or Leadership classes
  • Aligned to Common Core State Standards
  • Activities designed to help students meet Social & Emotional Learning Competencies

Taking Chance Movie Lesson Plan helps teachers show students the level of care and respect given to fallen members of the United States Armed Forces as well as the importance of all duty to help and serve.

After completing Taking Chance Movie Lesson Plan, students will gain knowledge and clarity in seeking excellence, being a lighthouse, and leading by serving.

Lieutenant Colonel Mike Strobl volunteered for the sacred duty of escorting the body of fallen Marine Lance Corporal Chance Phelps back to his hometown in Wyoming. Strobl was looking to fill a hole in his life since he had not been overseas like many of his comrades. But throughout his journey to ensure his fellow Marine received the proper respect, Strobl discovered that he was charged with a new duty to be a witness for the life and service of Chance Phelps.

Taking Chance Movie Lesson Plan teaches us that every person has a duty to fulfill and we can find purpose even when we do not feel like our job is the most important.

In order to complete these activities, students will need to watch the movie Taking Chance, which is Not Rated and has a run time of 1 hour and 17 minutes.


Each of our Leadership at the Movies lesson plans includes the following activities:

✅ Reflection: allows students to journal about one of the movie’s themes prior to watching.

✅ Analysis: questions and prompts to analyze the characters, plot, and climax of the movie.

✅ Practice & Discussion: a partner/group activity that takes the principles of the movie and asks students to take action and grow in their own lives.

✅ Extension: a RAFT (Role-Audience-Format-Topic) writing prompt to help students apply their new knowledge.

✅ Lead for Impact: challenges students to pinpoint how the hero of the story exhibited The 12 Fundamentals of Impact and then synthesize how they can apply the lessons to writing their own story.


WARNING: This is a DEEP LEARNING lesson plan to help students employ a LEADERSHIP approach to SOCIAL & EMOTIONAL LEARNING.

These activities are designed to help students meet the following Social & Emotional Learning Competencies as outlined by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) and the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL):

⭐ Develop SELF-AWARENESS and SELF-MANAGEMENT skills to achieve school and life success.

⭐ Use SOCIAL-AWARENESS and interpersonal skills to establish and maintain POSITIVE RELATIONSHIPS.

⭐ Demonstrate DECISION-MAKING skills and responsible behaviors in personal, school, and community contexts.


The activities in Taking Chance Movie Lesson Plan will challenge students to move closer to mastery in the following skills: leadership, cooperation with others, creativity, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, problem solving, and judgment and decision making.

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