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Writing Prompts for High School Bundle



Writing Prompts for High School is the BUNDLE you need to provide your students with the tools to develop the confidence and character to live for impact!

Get 360 journal writing prompts to use in your classroom for just $14.95!

Using the Write Your Own Story System, these writing prompts for high school students teach the skills of self-awareness, self-leadership, social awareness, relationship-building, and decision-making. Bring Social Emotional Learning into your classroom with these 5-minute writing prompts for young people.

Each of the 10 individual products in this bundle of journal writing prompts for high school includes the following files and resources:

  • downloadable PDF pages with lines for students to write their responses
  • PowerPoint slides to post if students have their own paper on which to write their reflections


These journal prompts for teens are based on the idea that every student is a LEADER because every person has a story to write and every person has unique gifts and abilities to share with the world. By going on this journey to write our own story and search for our gifts, we give ourselves the opportunity to discover the best version of ourselves. This allows us to fulfill a desire that we all have within us…to give our lives meaning and make a difference in this world!

Writing Prompts for High School uses the Write Your Own Story System to teach students the 12 Fundamentals of Impact. This system enables young people to donate their unique gifts and abilities to others in an effort to make a positive impact on the world.

This bundle includes a link to a free course with 5 videos introducing the Write Your Own Story System and the 12 Fundamentals of Impact:

  1. Have a Vision
  2. Pursue Your Dreams
  3. Seek Excellence
  4. Grow Character Skills
  5. Rise Above
  6. Overcome Obstacles
  7. Be a Lighthouse
  8. Lead by Serving
  9. Know Your Integrity
  10. Live by Principles
  11. Focus on Fulfillment
  12. Enjoy the Journey


Purchase Writing Prompts for High School Bundle (360 writing prompts!) today to help high school students live and lead for impact!

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